There are 3 ways to work with me

  1. One-on-One Programs – For deep discovery and speed to get results fast
  2. Group Programs – Courses, workshops, and sessions for less money and with community
  3. Consulting – With you, and/or with your organization

Jumpstart Your Vision And start getting results

Another quarter ends, with the next quarter about to begin.

Did you complete what you intended to?

Without a clear and concise vision, mission & purpose, it’s harder to get things done to create the impact you want.

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”
— Lewis Carroll

One BIG GOAL will help your define your Vision to get started with your full impact!

Join us at the next JUMPSTART to take the ME TIME to work on your next BIG GOAL where you will:

  • Create and Set your BIG GOAL to achieve
  • Simplify and Amplify your big marketing goal into a resonating plan
  • Develop your rock-solid OnePage for the next Quarter
  • Carve out the time to focus and workshop your results
  • Meet a new accountability partner (or feel free to bring your own)

When you complete my complimentary 2-hour workshop, you will have the clarity and first steps on a single sheet to speed past indecision and paralysis and know exactly what step to take next.


While most attendees will be small business owners and entrepreneurs coming to work on their BIG MARKETING GOAL, the workshop is open to everyone who wants to work on their BIG GOAL.

    Boost Your LinkedIn Leads in 3 Simple Steps

    Over 800 million LinkedIn users seek great connections, new opportunities, and their next clients.

    Are you frustrated staring at your LinkedIn profile wondering, okay, what do I knew now?

    Do you want to effectively leverage LinkedIn leads?

    You don’t have time to waste figuring this out.

    Attend the Boost Your LinkedIn Leads in 3 Simple Steps Masterclass and by the end of the masterclass, you’ll know why so much of your previous outreach didn’t resonate with your target audience AND how to fix it!

    Boost Your LinkedIn Leads in 3 Simple Steps Masterclass Includes …

    • How to Create a Strong and Enticing First Impression on LinkedIn
    • How to Leave Content Breadcrumbs to Build Credibility Fast!
    • How these 3 Mistakes Send LinkedIn Visitor Away Never to Return
    • How to keep conversations going after the introduction without being salesy
    • How the 3-Steps LinkedIn Conversion Formula Turns Visitors into Clients

    BOOST Your LinkedIn LEADS with 3 Simple Steps is a LIVE master class to Skyrocket your connections, clients, and opportunities.

    Increase Your Sales!