How to Create a Compelling Content Strategy with 3 Critical Sections


Answering the Question:  How Do I Create Content that my Audience Will Love?

It sounds easy enough, but creating a steady flow of compelling content that your audience will love and consume regularly is a daunting task; especially when thinking about all your competition scrambling to capture their attention too.

For some, they feel overwhelmed even at the start of a content campaign. It only becomes more overwhelming when your audience doesn’t resonate with your content, and you feel all your hard work was wasted time.

When content continually falls flat, it can rock your confidence, hurt you financially, and limit your ability to help others.

While there are many paid services to help, the cost alone can be out of reach for most.

For others, their content seems to work, receives plenty of social reactions, but none of those social LIKES puts money in your pocket or pays the bills. 


Social Media LIKES Don’t Pay Your Bills

Social reactions may do little to drive sales required to keep healthy cash flow in your business, so let’s reframe.

It may be that you haven’t found the right connection trigger for your target audience.

Your purpose for social media is to use your content to meet your target audience where they are, convince them to follow you to another location to get more desired information, and convert them into buying clients.

Consider what content will have the greatest conversion rate with your target audience while also attracting similar audiences.


How To Create a Compelling Content Strategy for Your Target Audience?

There are 3 critical sections for creating compelling content to obtain tons of traffic, abundant appointments, and converting conversations:

  • First:             Build Your Target Audience Profile (per niche)
  • Second:          Create Content that Focuses on Your Target Audience’s Greatest Challenges
  • Third:             Expand Reach and Visibility with a Consistent Content Delivery System

Each section is important on its own, but only a congruent strategy that includes all three will help you overcome lacking visibility, credibility, and especially sales.


First:  Build Your Target Audience Profile

I cannot stress the importance of the research phase of your Target Audience Profile. This helps you gain a deep understanding of their biggest challenges from their perspective.  Now you can meet them where they are and offer a solution to their problem in their own words.


Second:  Create Content that focuses on your Target Audience’s Greatest Challenges

Capture their attention by demonstrating your expertise and understanding of their problem to solve; using their point of view, and their language, examples, images, and videos that will attract them.


Third:  Expand Reach and Visibility with a Consistent Content Delivery System

Now to deliver this rich, compelling content in a consistent delivery to the online channels they already use. Here they will discover and consume your attractive content, becoming your prospects.


All three sections are woven around a strategic and well-defined converting funnel designed long before these 3 critical sections of a compelling content strategy.

If you feel like you’ve got the plan and all the tools you need to create compelling content strategy for your target audience, go be great!

However, if you feel overwhelmed and lost with your marketing then feel free to reach out to me. I’m here to help you.


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