Before we alter your evergreen content let’s first determine what is evergreen content.


Evergreen content is: 

… relevant content you created when you first posted it.
… that same content is still relevant when you post it today.
… that same content will still be relevant when you post it in the future. 


Good examples of evergreen content are:  

… tips, quotes, stats, facts, motivating & inspiring statements, infographics, checklists, ‘this day in history’, humour, best practices, calendar & business anniversaries, and so much more.


Why do people use Evergreen Content? 

Your social channel is a beast that require regular feeding. 


Posting regular content is how your become visible. The more frequent your posts, the more people see you, then it’s a delicate balance of how many posts is too many. (That’s for another article)


Once you’ve gone to the trouble to create and post content you can use it again, and again, and again.  


Think of a well.  Once you’ve gone through the trouble to create and post one piece of content you fill that empty well.  Now you have plenty of content in that well to reschedule again, and again, and again. 

Evergreen content is so convenient. It is easy to ‘set it and forget it’ with your favourite scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite. Today many social platforms have their own scheduling features. It allows us to: 

  • Increase our posting frequency
  • Keep the same frequency, and create fewer new pieces of content because the well is full 


In the recent year evergreen content was not an issue.  Today, I advise to proceed with caution as 

evergreen content can appear to be timeless, however …


The problem is … have your social accounts become a storage space of interesting tips, facts, and history, or are you demonstrating for your target audience that you provide the solution to their problem in the most relevant way possible


While evergreen content does give you visibility, it usually does not:   

  • Engaging with your audience
  • Bring people to your landing pages, events, books
  • Tell your audience what you’re doing now


The solution is … since visibility alone does not pay your bills, to include compelling content that makes you credible. Specifically, post about what problems you solve, and who you solve them for, and what do you do that will attract your target audience. 


I am not saying to throw away all your evergreen content – you still need them.
Repurpose evergreen content in 3 steps:

  1. Which evergreen content still gets comments and shared? > Keep those!
  2. Which evergreen content used to get comments and shared? > update more relevant elements:  image, text, keywords, hashtags
  3. Which evergreen content never received comments and shares? > retire them!


If evergreen content is visibility, then problem-solving content is credibility. You need both!



Catherine Saykaly-Stevens is a Digital Marketing and Content Marketing Strategist with the Networking Web.  Catherine believes that everyone solves a specific problem, and only requires the right credibility & reach to be discovered by the people who need their solution.